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oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine

oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine

    • oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine
    • oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine
  • oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Yuhui
    Certification: Organic,FDA, HALAL, KOSHER

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg/bag
    Packaging Details: 25kg/drum (25kg net weight,28kg gross weight; Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags insid
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    Supply Ability: 10 tons/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Sophora Flavescens Extract Chinese Name: Ku Shen
    Botanic Name: Sophora Flavescens Use Part: Root
    Specifications: 98% Oxymatrine,2%-98%matrine



    What is sophora flavescens?


    Though literally translated as bitter ginseng in English, Ku Shen has nothing to do with ginseng at all. Actually it is another completely different Chinese herb, which is better known as sophora flavescens or sophora root in common name and Radix Sophorae Flavescentis in Latin name. Likewise, it has different medicinal properties and health benefits. This herb was first mentioned in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and viewed as one of the medium-grade drugs. That means it may be poisonous but can heal sickness and tonify deficiency when used appropriately. As a matter of fact, it is a good medicine for clearing heat, removing dampness, hair growth, and killing insects, which makes it a really popular option in the treatment of skin diseases and gynecological diseases.

    The plant Sophora Flavescens is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used for anti-tumor, viral hepatitis, enteritis, viral myocarditis, arrhythmia, and skin diseases. It is sometimes referred to as Kushen or Ku Shen, and within the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine is is known to have 'cooling' and antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory) properties.

    Sophora flavescens Ait. (Leguminosae) has been proposed as a new whitening agent for cosmetics, because it has a strong ability to inhibit tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin.

    oxymatrine india,oxymatrine insecticide,oxymatrine pesticide,oxymatrine supplement,sophora oxymatrine


    Matrine is an alkaloid found in plants of the Sophora familiy. Matrine depresses both glutamate-induced responses and neurally evoked excitatory junctional potentials. This compound acts is also a selective KOR (κ-opioid receptor) agonist.


    Oxymatrine (matrine oxide, matrine N-oxide, matrine 1-oxide) is one of many quinolizidine alkaloid compounds extracted from the root of Sophora flavescens, a Chinese herb. It is very similar in structure to matrine, which has one less oxygen atom. Oxymatrine has a variety of effects in vitro and in animal models, including protection against apoptosis, tumor and fibrotic tissue development, and inflammation. Furthermore, oxymatrine has been shown to decrease cardiac ischemia(decreased blood perfusion), myocardial injury, arrhythmias(irregular heartbeats), and improve heart failure by increasing cardiac function.


    Product Name Sophora Flavescens Extract
    Test Method HPLC
    Specs Available 0.5%,1%,4%,98%
    Appearance White powder
    Active ingredients Matrine,oxymatrine





    1.Diuresis Function:

    Fluid Extract of Sophora japonica root and Oxymatrine injection in rabit experiment proved good Diuresis Function,salt ejectment content increase before increase of emiction.

    2.Against Pathogen:

    Fluid Extract of Sophora japonica root in high concentration(1:100) show good inhibiting ability to Mycobacterium tubereulosis. Fluid Extract of Sophora japonica root in 8% concentration show inhibiting ability to skin epiphyte.

    3.Other Function of:

    Oxymatrine injection to rabitt experiment prove central nerve anesthesia synoms,togethor with spasm,breath stop and die.Oxymatrine injection to frog experiment prove excitement first,then palsy,breath turn low and irregular,spasm finally and stop breath to death; and the cause of spasm perhaps origin from reflect of spinal cord. the minimal death dosage to rabitt is about 0.4grams/kilograms.

    4.Oxymatrine as best medicine and inhibitor of HBV(Hepatitis B Virus) and inhibitor of HCV(Hepatitis C Virus)

    Oxymatrine show powerful inhibiting bio activity to Hepatitis B Virus(HBV) in animal experiment,also good function as inhibitor of Hepatitis B Virus(Hepatitis B Virus inhibitor, HBV inhibitor).

    Radix Sophorae Flavescentis,Sophora flavescens AitA clinical case:Compare experiment of effect between Oxymatrine injection and a-IFN injection to 64 patient of Hepatitis B Virus, 3 month cure with Oxymatrine(Dosage:600mg/one time/one day for 45 days;then 400mg/one time/one day for 45days),normal synoms of HBV such as tired and no power,paunch bulge disappear rate about 90% less or more, liver swell decreased and increased white blood cell and blood platelet.Also good for liver function,recover rate of ALT and recover rate of SB reach to 81.6% and 69.9%; Negative Change Rate of HBeAg and HBV DNA show 444% and 45.3%, but the same index by a-IFN injection only show 46.0% and 48.0%,no large difference.Result metioned above show that Oxymatrine injection is better to treat with Hepatitis B Virus(HBV).

    Clinical Study from china show that: Oxymatrine injection once daily,600mg muscle injection once for 39 HBV patient for 12 weeks,Negative Change Rate of HBeAg and HBV DN A result 44.4% and 50.0%, after ALT and AST treatment,function of liver improved largely,total effectiveness amount to 70.0%,and this show the Oxymatrine efffective for inhibiting HBV, at the same time, safety enough and no any harm.

    Another Case:Clinical Report Shows,Oxymatrine injection treatment for 42 patient of HBV,result show the major index of recover rate 94.4% to 100%. swell of liver and spleen reduced by rate of 30.05 and 30.3%, increase white blood cell and blood platelet. Oxymatrine recover rate to ALT,AST,SB result as 71.4%,61.9% and 100%; Negative Change Rate of HBeAg and HBV DNA show 50% and 30.8%, show clear difference to compare patient team.

    Many Clinical Studies and report show that Oxymatrine injection and other Oxymatrine remedy all good for HBV patient and improve liver function,increase Negative Change Rate of HBeAg and HBV DNA, and effective for long time since injection stopped.

    Oxymatrine not only show function of inhibiting HBV, but also act as inhibitor of HCV.

    Clinical studies show that:Oxymatrine daily,600mg muscle injection once for 17 patients of HCV,Negative Change of serum HBV DN A case 8, and rate 47.1%. but the compare team only case 1 and rate 5.6%. differences between two teams, and Serum ALT Recover Rate of Oxymatrine team higher than compare team later of the first month and the second month,this result show that Oxymatrine have good ability to inhibiting reproduce of HCV,and Oxymatrine have good chances to be good inhibitor of HCV.

    Radix Sophorae Flavescentis,Sophora flavescens AitMechanism of Oxymatrine as inhibitor of HBV and HCV:

    (1).Oxymatrine could induce something in cell(as IFN) form,and this could prompt Gene of HBV and HCV de-composition.

    (2).Oxymatrine share similar structure as purine,and it's inhibiting ability to HBV and HCV need more deep research.

    6.Oxymatrine Against Liver Fibrosis:
    Oxymatrine could act Against Liver Fibrosis

    Clinical Report from china show that:Experiment Model of rat liver damage by CCL4 and result liver fibrosis, cure with Oxymatrine, test level of ALT,IV-C,HA,TNF-|A,and liver tissues,calculate by computer,result show Oxymatrine result better than comparing team. and this mean Oxymatrine could inhibiting fiber produce cell III mRNA expression.

    7.Oxymatrine adjust immune system.

    Oxymatrine play as a kind of double-way adjustor for immune system, low concentration level could stimulate lymphopoiesis,high concentration of Oxymatrine inhibit lymphopoiesis,and inhibiting function is major.

    Clinical Study show Oxymatrine appear could be better inhibitor of lung cancer, inhibitor of inner cell multiplication ,and Oxymatrine could act as medicine to treat tumor cell shift.




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