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arctium lappa p.e,Burdock Seed Extract,burdock extract,burdock root extract

arctium lappa p.e,Burdock Seed Extract,burdock extract,burdock root extract

arctium lappa p.e,Burdock Seed Extract,burdock extract,burdock root extract

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuhui
Certification: Organic,FDA, HALAL, KOSHER

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg/bag
Packaging Details: 1Kg/Bag, 25kg/drum (25kg net weight,28kg gross weight)
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days after receiving your payment
Payment Terms: Bank transfer, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 10 tons/month
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Detailed Product Description
CAS No.: 20362-31-6 MF: C27H34O11
Purity: 10%20%,30%,40% State: Powder
Product Name: Burdock Seed Extract/Burdock Root Extract Plant Source: Arctium Lappa L.
Main Ingredient: Arctiin

What is Burdock seed extract and where to buy Burdock extract  ?


Burdock is actually the common name of a genus of flowering perennials, whose scientific name is Arctium. The easiest way to describe burdock is as the small burrs that often get stuck on your trousers or socks when walking in a forest. Those small hooking burrs come from the burdock plant, whose plants, leaves, and stems actually have significant value as herbal or alternative remedies. The root of burdock is perhaps the most valued, as it can be eaten in large quantities as a root vegetable, and is very rich in important fibers. The dried leaves and seeds can also be used to extract burr oil, which has a wide range of medicinal uses.

The first real use of burdock is recorded in the medieval period, but it is also known in Chinese herbal medicine, and likely datesback considerably further. There are a number of ways to prepare burdock as either a food or an herbal medicine, making it highly sought after around the world, as several species have spread globally from the Old World. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the impressive health benefits of burdock.


Burdock seed extract arctiin contains high amounts of inulin and mucilage. This may explain its soothing effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Bitter constituents in the root may also explain the traditional use of Burdock to improve digestion. The polyacetylene constituents have also been shown to have anti-microbial activity. Burdock Root also have the ability to mildly lower blood sugar .

arctium lappa p.e,Burdock Seed Extract,burdock extract,burdock root extract


Product name Burdock Seed Extract/Burdock Root Extract
Plant source Arctium lappa L.
Main ingredient Arctiin 30%

Arctigenin 95%

Molecular formula C27H34O11
Part Used Root and Seed
CAS NO 20362-31-6


Benefits of Burdock Extract

In traditional herbal medicine, burdock, much like its close relative milk thistle, has long been used for “blood purification”.

Today this is called “detoxification”. Conventional medicine has viewed much of the general claims of detoxification as false or at least overly broad and unsupported by facts.


However, an objective assessment of the value of detoxifiying herbs such as burdock can only be made by breaking down the broad claim of detoxification into the different physiological processes and looking at each of these.

These are (mainly): enemas and diuretics, metal chelators, enzymatic reactions, and anti-septics. Burdock has bio-active chemicals that may aid in some but not all of these detox processes


Diuretics, which stimulate the production of urine and thus elimination of various waste products, might help in resolving a number of urinary problems including yeast infections and kidney stones.


It is the seed of burdock that has been used as a treatment to expel kidney stones, since at least the 1600s and possibly earlier in Chinese medicine.

It may be because of this diuretic action that burdock was once prescribed for gout; however, there is not much evidence that it is effective in eliminating gout.

So, although burdock is a diuretic, it remains to be seen whether this action alone is enough to cure specific complaints such as edema or urinary tract infections or obstructions.

Another form of detox is chelation therapy, which is the binding of molecules to harmful metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic.
Burdock is a frequently listed as chelating agent in naturopathic medicine; however, there is as yet very little or no chemical evidence of this.

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