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black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins

black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins

    • black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins
    • black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins
  • black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Yuhui

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg/bag
    Packaging Details: 25kg/drum (25kg net weight,28kg gross weight; Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags insid
    Delivery Time: 3-5 working days after receiving your payment
    Payment Terms: Bank transfer, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
    Supply Ability: 10 tons/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    English Name: Black Rice Extractt Latin Name: Oryza Sativa
    Active Ingredients: Anthocyanidins&Proanthocyanidins&cyanidin-3-glucosides(C3G) Specification: Anthocyanidins 5-35% Proanthocyanidins 5-60% ,C3G 5%-40%
    Use Part: Seed Appearance: Dark To Black Fine Powder
    Extract Method: Water/Ethanol Test Method: HPLC/UV

    Product Introduction:
    Black rice is a kind of grain that can be used both for food and for medicine. Black rice is rich in crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrates, crude ash, vitamin, trace element, manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salt and amino acids. Anthocyandins and Anthocyanin are active ingredient of black rice extract. It can eliminate free radical in human body, thus it's antibacterium and antioxidant. It's also helpful in improving cardiac muscle nutrition  and reducing myocardial oxygen consumption; It has the obvious inhibiting effect to formation of atherosclerosis.
    Black rice Extract anthocyanin powder is obtained from Black rice(Oryza satiua)by extraction, filtering, concentration, spray-drying. Without any presentative and additive. Our black rice resource comes from the Northeast China, where is growth the best quality of black rice. we use this material to extract the black rice anthocyanidins, it is a premium quality anthocyanidins, widely used for food, drinks, pharmaceutical and supplements and so on.
    black rice extract cyanidin-3-glucosides,black rice extract C3G powder,black rice Proanthocyanidins

    English nameBlack Rice Anthocyanidins
    Latin NameOryza sativa
    Active ingredientsAnthocyanidins&Proanthocyanidins&cyanidin-3-glucosides(C3G)
    SpecificationAnthocyanidins 5-35% Proanthocyanidins 5-60% ,C3G 5%-40%
    Use PartSeed
    AppearanceDark to black fine powder
    Extract MethodWater/Ethanol
    Test MethodHPLC/UV

    Health Benefits of Black Rice
    Among the thousands of rice variety, the black rice, also referred to as Forbidden rice or even purple rice, is recognized as among the varieties with all the greatest nutritional value. It has 18 amino acids, minerals and vitamins like copper, iron, zinc and carotene.Listed here are some health advantages of black Rice
    1. Full of Antioxidants
    The bran hull of black rice, the actual outer layer of the rice grain, consists of among the greatest quantity of a antioxidant anthocyanin present in any known food.
    Black rice features a deep black or even purple color, that is a sign of the higher antioxidant properties, much like how deeply colored anti-oxidant berries like blueberries, raspberries, as well as cranberries appear.
    Anthocyanin antioxidants have been linked with: preventing cardiovascular disease, protecting against cancer that may be brought on by free radical damage, enhancing brain function, decreasing inflammation and much more.
    2. Protects Heart Health
    Research indicates that black rice reduces dangerous atherosclerotic plaque formation within the arteries, that is essential for keeping arteries clear as well as avoiding heart attacks as well as stroke.The particular anthocyanins phytochemicals present in black rice assist to maintain healthy cholesterol levels by reduction of total cholesterol, LDL “bad” cholesterol, and total triacylglycerol concentrations. These are 3 factors commonly involved in cardiovascular disease.
    3. Can Help Detoxify the Body
    Studies have indicated that consuming black rice may help detox the body as well as cleanse the liver of harmful toxic build-up thanks to the rice’s high antioxidant content.
    4. Good Source of Fiber Which Improves Digestive Health
    Black rice along with other whole grain rice varieties- just like wild, red, or brown rices- have similar quantity of fiber, with approximately 2-3 grams per half cup serving. The fiber in black rice helps you to avoid constipation, bloating, along with other unwanted digestive symptoms. Fiber binds to waste and toxins in the digestive tract, assisting to pull them out and also to contribute to frequent bowel function.
    5. A Naturally Gluten Free Grain
    Just like other rice varieties, black rice naturally consists of no gluten, the protein present in all wheat, rye, and barley products. It’s approximated that 1 in 7 individuals are responsive to gluten- whether they are aware of it or not- but still test negative for Celiac Disease.After consuming something along with gluten in it, those with a gluten sensitivity suffer most of the same symptoms as individuals with Celiac Disease (a confirmed allergy to gluten), which includes bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nutrient deficiencies, as well as an increased risk for developing leaky gut syndrome. Consuming black rice instead of not only refined grains and processed flour products, but additionally all wheat, barley, and rye that contains foods- even those that are whole grain- might help remove digestive problems related to consuming gluten for most people.
    6. Helps Slow Down Absorption of Sugar in the Blood, Helping to Prevent Diabetes
    Research indicates that when it comes to the chance of developing diabetes and also obesity, consuming whole grains is a lot more beneficial as well as preventative compared to consuming refined carbohydrates. When compared with consuming processed carbohydrates that are stripped of the fiber, antioxidants, along with other nutrition which help to slow down the absorption of sugar within the blood stream, black rice is really a much healthier alternative.
    7. Anti-inflammatory Properties
    Black rice consumption have been related to reduces in inflammatory substances, particularly reactive oxygen species as well as aortic malondialdehyde, and raises in anti-inflammatory mediators, like superoxide dismutase. Increases in inflammation are related to disease and conditions like atherosclerosis, arthritis, cancer, aging and allergies.
    8. Prevents Atherosclerosis
    Black rice features a powerful impact on the heart’s health. All of the nutrition retained within this variety assist in the protection against high blood pressure levels and plaque formation within the heart.
    9. Black rice as antioxidant
    Black rice is rich source of anthocyanins that are regarded as great water soluble anti-oxidants. They’re effortlessly absorbed within our body and enables in elimination of harmful free-radicals from body. They avoid damage from oxidative stress of toxins which might result in aging or degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. Animal studies verify antioxidative action of black rice extract in rats and helped in protecting liver from alcohol damage. It is because of the property black rice extract finds use as antioxidant in a variety of body care products. In China, black rice is recognized as great for kidney, stomach and liver. This is often related to possible antioxidant property of black rice in protecting body organs.
    10. Black rice and weight loss
    In China, black rice is becoming common as weight reduction food. Very little scientific evidence is accessible. However this result can be related to high fibers contained in black rice which provides sense of full stomach as well as decreases craving for food. High fiber as well as anthocyanin also assist in reducing absorption of cholesterol. Animal study has additionally shown that black rice extract reduced serum triglyceride levels, decreases platelet hyper activity and helps prevent weight gain.
    (1). Black Rice Extract Anthocyanin Powder Applied in food field, it aslo can be used as food
    additive and colorant;
    (2). Black Rice Extract Anthocyanin Powder Applied in health product field, black rice extract
    anthocyanidin capsule supply a new way to treat atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease;
    (3). Black Rice Extract Anthocyanin Powder Applied in cosmetic field, anthocyanidin is mainly
    used as antioxidant, preventing UV radiation.

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